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MySmile Superior Whitening provides a professional and safe procedure that is unlike any other whitening product available on the market. In comparison to many other topical processes that just simply cover up enamel stain, the MySmile In-office whitening system utilizes advanced blue light technology which open the pore to  dramatically remove and lighten the stain from within. Remarkably lasting up to 8x longer than any other whitening remedy.

  • Reduce your risk of sensitivity by minimizing exposure to frequent whitening.
  • Dental recommended hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.
  • The most affordable and non invasive whitening method available on the market today.
  • Superior full line of various maintenance products. Not found in stores.
  • Register for the MySmile V.I.P program for additional savings.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

MySmile is the only business in its class that protect its clients with a company policy that ensures customer satisfaction.

  • The MySmile procedure only utilizes advanced state of the art equipment.
  • MySmile gels are of the highest quality hydrogen peroxide and manufactured in the U.S.A
  • The MySmile system is dental recommended and FDA approved.
  • MySmile Company Policy: If the client does not advance the recommend shades for the time purchased the client receives a complimentary 15 minutes to further progress results prior to leaving the office.
  • The Beyond superior product line provides the client with 5x more whitening results than any average store brand whitening remedy.
  • GO GREEN: Wellness Program provides access to Family and Eco-friendly cosmetics, hygiene, health, diet, KOSHER, and household cleaning supplies that is clinically proven for superior quality  and  derived from all natural ingredients. 100% money back guarantee policy provided by the Wellness Company. Includes easy online account management, home delivery, and 30-40% savings on every item every time. Consecutive BBB torch award winner and leading the global market. Enroll and receive a complimentary VIP registration card for up to five immediate family members , 50% savings on all in office whitening packages.
  • Your Life. Your Smile.


2014: TEXANS ARE GOING GREEN : Enroll today and receive 30-40% savings on  350 ALL Natural Superior Wellness  products. Upon your enrollment receive a complimentary MySmile VIP CARD:  Taking 50% off  all Whitening In-office services, and 10% off all Superior Whitening Oral Care products for one full year.


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MySmile V.I.P  Registration Saves you and up to 5 immediate family members 50% off!

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Testimonial 1

"Cosmetic whitening is one of the best things I've ever done for my self! So I registered my family in the VIP savings program and it saves 50 % every time. It has made a huge impact. Thanks again" :)

- Kate Sugarland, Texas

Testimonial 2

"I actually like my teeth now… I am 42 and never had my teeth whitened before. I haven’t seen my teeth this white in 30 yrs. I noticed that I get more attention and glances than prior to whitening. I feel great! Thanks MySmile"

C. James FROM Houston

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MySmile provides a superior selection of award winning and internationally known products, that are not available to the general public. This enables you to utilize the best products available, to ensure the highest quality of cosmetic whitening maintenance and oral care and hygiene.
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The results that you see are real life clients and these photos are in no ways manipulated or altered. Time duration ranges from 20-40-or 60 mins

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