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“Needing to better your image, it’s recommended to start with your smile! Why?

In-office Teeth whitening really is considered one of those bulls eye cosmetic purchases that instantly makes you appear and feel more vibrant, attractive, successful, intelligent, wealthy, friendlier, and overall happier! Statistics gather that teeth whitening can even give you a competitive edge in the job market and/or your career. This is due to the mouth being the overall gateway of all communication, which means undoubtedly that our teeth get more attention and eye contact than any other physical feature. Advanced blue light whitening systems has become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures of our time. MySmile’s professional whitening technicians are highly trained and company certified. They will provide you with the best possible care, comfort, and customer service.


The MySmile Advantage

  • Free Whitening and Wellness consultations
  • Enroll in our VIP Program to Save 50% on whitening for one full year.
  • Healthy Families are Going Green! & get a complimentary MySmile VIP Card
  • SAVE! With MySmile’s affordable flat rate whitening options (4pkgs.).
  • Guaranteed instant, dramatic, and long-lasting results at a 4x faster rate.
  • 2 Protection barriers for soft tissue, provides customer and comfort.
  • Well trained MySmile associates to guide and assist you.
  • Before, during, and after whitening instructions provided.
  • Comfortable, custom designed reclining beds and privacy stations.

MySmile superior whitening is the absolute best way to whiten teeth instantly. Although there are several affordable whitening options, the MySmile Premium Package provides the most dramatic and visibly enhanced results. This session is broken down increments for client comfort and can be completed in just one hour! This advanced system is also statistically considered to be a safer whitening method as it eliminates the need to sit hours, every few weeks or months in trays or strips. Dental professionals agree that this out dated method can cause over exposure and sensitivity risk.  By using a more modern method that consists of advanced lighting you reduces significantly reduce the overexposure possibility to harsh lower quality shelf remedies. Ultimately, it could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to accomplish the same progress using trays or strips without the presence of blue light technology.

MYSMILE , INC.  who has proudly been servicing Texans for nearly the last 10 years encourages and  also helps guide today’s healthy family into a GO GREEN living.

At MySmile we understand the universal inclination to take superior care of our lives appearance and overall well being to better ensure that we live longer and more enriching lives! Naturally our image, proper oral hygiene, and our health habits run parallel to one another and combined typically classify our individual life spans, appearance, and social status. MySmile takes pride in providing highly specialized and superior Whitening & Wellness services that compliment any budget . Your experience will greatly benefit the internal and external wellness of every individual. Here at MySmile, we take pride in providing affordable access to a grander scale of living for all, and it is greatly encouraged each of our clients to care, nurture, and believe in themselves, and as well as our precious environment and its limited resources.

MySmile provides a superior selection of award winning and internationally known products, that are not available to the general public. This enables you to utilize the best products available, to ensure the highest quality of cosmetic whitening maintenance and oral care and hygiene. Trust that our company trained and certified associates and technicians are here to guide you through a process that can significantly benefit your smiles overall appeal, and provide a health advantage that you can dramatically see and experience!

Conversation itself roots from our mouths, therefore it is no surprise that we make continuous eye contact with the teeth during every face to face meeting. Enhancing your smile, greatly benefits the appearance, by enhancing the contrast between skin color and tooth shade. This increases the appeal, pull, and impact during everyday personal and professional interaction. The MySmile cosmetic teeth whitening system is guaranteed to provide that radiant look that is clearly seen, and immediately makes us feel and look positively fantastic. The company is trusted and highly recommended due to its use of  US grade , FDA approved whitening gels. MySmile Advanced whitening is the latest in whitening proceses, and utilizes  a patented advance blue light technology to ensure dramatic and long lasting results in 1 hour or less.  This modern whitening process comparably ranges in price, and can cost between $300-600.

Look great. = Whitening

Feel great.= Wellness

Live great.



2014: TEXANS ARE GOING GREEN : Enroll today and receive 30-40% savings on  350 ALL Natural Superior Wellness  products. Upon your enrollment receive a complimentary MySmile VIP CARD:  Taking 50% off  all Whitening In-office services, and 10% off all Superior Whitening Oral Care products for one full year.


MySmile Informed Consent Form brief

How does it work? Upon arrival, a brief complimentary consultation is given to determine a pre-whitening shade(s) and discuss eligibility as well as the recommended MySmile whitening option that works best.  After the client completes the office process, they will be guided by a whitening to the whitening facility to be seated. The prep process takes only about 2-4 minutes. Once the whitening process has begun, free television entertainment will be set up for client comfort. Periodically throughout the duration of your whitening process your technician will revisit to ensure comfort and positioning. The session is concluded when the automatic timer cuts off the advance blue light.  After a quick oral clean up, and a successful recording of the post- whitening shade takes place, the client is provided an informative page of recommendations for the following 48 hours. For maximized and longer lasting results. For highest level of whitening success please be sure to use specialty whitening and oral hygiene products provided by MySmile or MySmile Beyond Bright Bundle Value Pack.

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Testimonial 1

"Cosmetic whitening is one of the best things I've ever done for my self! So I registered my family in the VIP savings program and it saves 50 % every time. It has made a huge impact. Thanks again" :)

- Kate from Sugarland, Texas

Testimonial 2

"I actually like my teeth now… I am 42 and never had my teeth whitened before. I haven’t seen my teeth this white in 30 yrs. I noticed that I get more attention and glances than prior to whitening. I feel great! Thanks MySmile"

C. James from Houston