If you’re self-conscious of damaged, missing, discolored or crooked teeth, INSTAsmile clip on Veneers will help you smile with confidence. Call your local MySmile office to schedule your appointment today!

INSTAsmile is a revolutionary, non-intrusive, cost-effective range of clip-on veneers, ideal for covering missing, chipped, crooked or discolored teeth, or as a modern and more comfortable alternative to partial dentures. Schedule an appointment online to complete your InstaSmile  impressions in any one of our local MySmile offices  by clicking on the MySmile scheduling tab on the Home Page. Please enter #myinstasmile18 in the comments box, and select your location preference.





Your Brand New Smile, in an Instant!

Using its unique, patent-pending technology, INSTAsmile veneers clip on to your existing teeth without the need for dental adhesives, covering any staining, damage or gaps you might be conscious of. It’s a new, more confident and natural smile in an instant.


A Pain-Free Alternative to the Dentist.

INSTAsmile is an alternative to painful and invasive traditional dental treatments.  Our easy-to-use self-impression kit can be used in the comfort of your own home. Once complete, simply send back your impression(s) and we’ll start creating your custom made new smile.


Permanent Veneers vs. INSTAsmile?

INSTAsmile can be used as an alternative treatment to permanent veneers. Unlike permanent veneers, INSTAsmile is removable, and thanks to its patent-pending technology clips over the top of your existing teeth. It’s pain-free and there’s no need for intrusive surgery.


Long-Lasting, Hard-Wearing Smiles.

INSTAsmile veneers are made in-house by our experienced dental technicians, from certified and safe dental materials. The veneers are hardwearing and durable. As long as you look after your veneers, your natural teeth and your dental profile doesn’t change; your veneers should last you as long as you need them.


Peace of Mind with a Warranty.

Peace of mind and customer care makes us smile at INSTAsmile – it’s at the core of our business. We know accidents can happen, that’s why we offer an optional no quibble guarantee to remake your product within 12 months. This can be added to your order and purchased at the time of checkout alongside your INSTAsmile.


Handcrafted by Dental Technicians.

We’re proud to say we’ve been creating dental products for over 25 years. Our skilled dental technicians handmake INSTAsmile veneers at our in-house laboratories in the UK and USA. We pride ourselves on creating products of only the highest quality.


Our Unique Technology.

Our unique, patent-pending clip-on technology means our veneers will always stay in your mouth – they won’t fall out when you least expect it. It’s a patent we’ve worked hard to develop and one that we’re proud to not only own, but continue to invest in.

Our quick, free online Smile Assessment is a short series of questions about your current oral profile which takes under one minute to complete and will determine if you are suitable for an INSTAsmile clip on veneer.


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Testimonial 1

"Cosmetic whitening is one of the best things I've ever done for my self! So I registered my family in the VIP savings program and it saves 50 % every time. It has made a huge impact. Thanks again" :)

- Kate from Sugarland, Texas

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"I actually like my teeth now… I am 42 and never had my teeth whitened before. I haven’t seen my teeth this white in 30 yrs. I noticed that I get more attention and glances than prior to whitening. I feel great! Thanks MySmile"

C. James from Houston