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Congratulations on your Superior In-office whitening purchase!  

You are now one step closer to having a more appealing smile! Please read the following information carefully as it directly pertains to redemption qualifications and instructions.




  • Please have your voucher ready to present at the time of checkout for easy and quick services.
  •  Note that there is a tax and or gratuity charges required at the time of purchase. Cash and  all major credit cards are accepted.
  • A complimentary consultation provided by a certified whitening technician to each client. This will precisely determine your beginning shade(s)  prior to receiving your whitening session at MySmile.
  •  A one page informed consent form & waiver is required to be signed prior to receiving services at MySmile.
  • An appointment is required and is subjected to a 25$ rescheduling or cancellation fee.
  • It is recommended to eat prior to your in-office visit. There is no food consumption for 1 hour following whitening.
  • It is recommended to avoid staining factors for 48 hours following your in-office whitening session.
  • Upgrade options are available to you for any instance that you seem to need additional time.
  • A comp of 10% will be deducted on any (1) superior maintenance product of choice at a one time visit.
  • Minors under the age of 14 are not eligible to whiten. Minors above the age of 14 yet under the age of 17  are required to have a parent or legal guardian present at the time of purchase, apply guardians signature on behalf of the minor, as well as be present during the whitening process.
  • To book your appointment  using your Million Dollar Smile Voucher with MySmile or to reach the Million Dollar Smile Corporate office please visit the website, or copy paste the link provided into your browser for direct navigation.     —–         http://milliondollar-smile.com/bookappt.html
  • For any severe infections or dental concerns please contact your  regular dental physician. If you are in need of a dentist please email customercare@mysmiletexas.com and you will be referred to a local dentist/hygienist.
  • To book using your MySmile Superior In-office Whitening Voucher you can simply click on the appointments tab located on our home page, or contact your local MySmile office at 1-888-505-7758



MySmile Houston is located inside the Houston Galleria Mall.


Green Garage Parking (free) LEVEL 1 next to Nordstrom.


MySmile Memorial City is located inside the Memorial City Mall.

Dillards Parking (free) Level 1 next to La Palms Nails and Eyebrow Bar


MySmile Bay Area is located on the corner or Bay Area Blvd. & Hwy 3

Bay Area Plaza Strip Center Parking (free)


Happy Whitening!






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Testimonial 1

"Cosmetic whitening is one of the best things I've ever done for my self! So I registered my family in the VIP savings program and it saves 50 % every time. It has made a huge impact. Thanks again" :)

- Kate from Sugarland, Texas

Testimonial 2

"I actually like my teeth now… I am 42 and never had my teeth whitened before. I haven’t seen my teeth this white in 30 yrs. I noticed that I get more attention and glances than prior to whitening. I feel great! Thanks MySmile"

C. James from Houston