In-Office Whitening

(Slightly Stained)

20 Minutes


(Moderately Stained)

40 Minutes


(Severely Stained)

1- Full Hour


*Comparable to Products that can cost anywhere from $499 up to $1500

~EzSmile Package: consist a 20 minute session that guarantees the client an average of 2-4 shades advancement. These results are noticed immediately after the process is over. It is typically utilized by those individuals that have slight stains.

~ProSmile Package:  consist of a 40 minute session that guarantees the client an average of 4-8 shades advancement. These results are noticed immediately after the process is over.  This is typically utilized by those individuals that have moderate stains.

~Premium Package: consist of a 1- hour session broken down into small increments. This guarantees the clients an average of 6-12 shades brighter. The results provided by this 1- hour option typically will last longer. These results will also be seen immediately and is normally performed on those individuals that have severe stains.

~MySmile Beyond Bright Membership: This value is for those individuals who know that they need to look top notch for professional, personal, or social purposes. This membership will allow the client (5) 30 minute sessions that can be redeemed over a period of 2 years. The advantage with becoming a MySmile Member is you will save $750. The membership will also provide the benefit of a no wait policy for the holder. Yes that’s right! Walk in to any MySmile location and no matter what the schedule looks like you as a Valued Member will be next in line. This is great for clients with tetracycline effects, and deeply embedded chemical stains. This option guarantees the client 8-16 shades advancement.

Superior Maintenance Products:

Beyond Advanced Formula Toothpaste: Amazing and award winning! This product works hand in hand with the whitening agent used in the office and is recommended to use afterwards for ideal up keep and whitening appeal.

The Eclipse SMARTT Whitening System:

Simple. Effective. Affordable. Lasting!

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Testimonial 1

"Cosmetic whitening is one of the best things I've ever done for my self! So I registered my family in the VIP savings program and it saves 50 % every time. It has made a huge impact. Thanks again" :)

- Kate from Sugarland, Texas

Testimonial 2

"I actually like my teeth now… I am 42 and never had my teeth whitened before. I haven’t seen my teeth this white in 30 yrs. I noticed that I get more attention and glances than prior to whitening. I feel great! Thanks MySmile"

C. James from Houston